Only the role of role type HR Manager can perform the following functions.


  • From the Payrolls page, click on Create.
  • Enter the details and click on Save.

  • Staff: The staff for whom the payroll is to be created.
  • Expense Category: The expense category to be chosen when payment for the payslip is made.
  • Start Date: When the employee started working for your company.
  • End Date: The last date the employee will work for your company. Can be left blank if the end date is not determined. End Date should be greater than the start date.
  • Base Salary: The basic salary to be paid to the staff per month.
  • Account: The account from which the salary payment must be deducted.
  • Day of Month: The day of the month on which the payslip must be generated from the payroll.
  • Payroll Note: Any additional information about this payroll. Will be visible on the payslip generated.
  • Allowance: Any additional allowances to be given to the employee. This will be added to the base salary.
  • Deduction: Any deduction to be made from the salary. This will be deducted from the base salary.
  • Name: Name of allowance/deduction.
  • Description: Additional description for the allowance/deduction.
  • Type: Has 2 types, Monthly and Daily.
    • Monthly: When the allowance/deduction should be given once per month.
    • Daily: When the allowance/deduction should be given every day for the month. Will multiply the item total by 30.
  • Qty: The number of people to which the allowance/deduction should apply. Ex: 1 if only the employee gets the allowance, 2 if the employee and 1 dependant gets the allowance.
  • Price: The allowance/deduction amount.



  • Click on the update option in the payroll page.
  • Make the necessary changes and click on save.



  • A Payslip can only be generated for the previous month.
  • To generate payslip from a payroll, click on the Convert button in the toolbar.
  • A payslip for the previous month is generated if Run Day has passed for the current month.
  • If the Start Date is less than the 1st of the previous month, the generated payslip will take into account the appropriate number of days and calculate the Base Salary, Allowance Total and Deduction Total accordingly. (If the current date is 6 Feb, and the Start Date is 15 Jan, the payslip will be generated for 15 Jan to 31 Jan)