12.1 Modules


By Sales SuiseSoft

updated 6 months ago

12.1.1. Modules

1. Modules are additional functions you can add to CiuisCRM. 

An Admin can Buy, Activate or Deactivate modules from the Modules tab in the Settings page.

2. Buy: Click on “Buy” on the corresponding module to be redirected to the Module purchase page.

3. Activate: After you make the payment, you will receive a license code for that module. Click on “Activate”, enter the license code and click on “Activate Module”. This will download any additional data and install the module.

4. Deactivate: Once the module is active, the activate button is replaced by the “Deactivate” button. Click on it to remove the installed module. (There are restrictions on when you can deactivate a module. If any functions of this module are already used, the deactivation function is diabled)

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