SuiseCRM Changelog


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updated 3 months ago

OTA Release V1.4 (15/10/2020)

New Features:
1. Introduce footer menu for language selection.(i.e it will change for current session.)
2. Introduce new layout for order and proposal.
3. Catalog update steps with dynamic query generate.
4. Floating buttons on some pages (like: proposal, invoice, etc.)
5. Manual activation of company accounts.

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Improvement in language translation.
2. Improvement in showing validation message.(i.e Reset the validation message when click on cancel button.)
3. Fixed the HR Module menu and payroll issue with front end and back end validation.
4. Improvement in css. (i.e Move all inline and internal css to external css.)
5. Improvement loading css and js files.(i.e. all css and js load with the version.)
6. Improvement in loading layout configuration.
7. Fixed the url through loading update page.
8. Fixed product creation issue.(i.e Create product with default warehouse.)
9. Fixed due date issue.
10. Improvement in language conversion.
OTA Release V1.3 (08/10/2020)

New Features:
1. Introduce application maintenance feature where super admin can active/inactive the application.
2. Introduce custom script for header and footer with css that super admin have access.
3. Introduce drag and drop file uploader feature.
Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Improvement in showing validation message.
2. Fixed the application customization image issue.
3. Fixed the lead view issue that occur when update the leads.
4. Fixed the customization language selection issue.
5. Fixed the lead drag & drop issue for kanban view.
6. Improvement in sidebar bar.(i.e Now, Separate menu for payment gateway).
8. Improvement in trial package (i.e Now, Trial package have all permission).
9. Improvement in staff creation (i.e Now select a country and state at a time of staff creation).
10. Introduce Footer area (i.e Option for change language, layout options and OTA update).
11. Introduce mail templates in super admin area.
12. Fixed app-errors issue while updating the app to new version.
OTA Release V1.2 (24/06/2020)

New Features:
1. Pages are dynamically loaded in super admin, admin and customer areas.
2. Filter implemented in the signup page.
3. Added *.po language files for easy translation
4. Added option to change landing page logo from Super admin settings
5. Added Catalog update procedure in Super admin settings
6. Added form validation for all fields in the entire app

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Improved language files
2. Improved timezone, currency, country list in signup page.
3. Completely translate the remaining language in all lang file.
4. Improved validation message for datepicker in entire application.
5. Fixed TinyMCE warning in Custom Page
6. Fixed contact extension null value
7. Fixed date fields auto fill issue
8. Fixed NaN value in some numeric fields
9. Fixed PDF file generate issue
10. Optimized all the fields in all the tables to improve overall performance
11. Fixed SQL version checking during install
12. Landing page app logo (Now, Super admin can chnage the landing page logo.).
13. Improve validation message for datepicker in entire application.
14. Improvement in country selection in entire application. (i.e Country name display with the flag icon.)
15. Improvement in timezone selection in entire application. (i.e Timezone name display with the zone value.)
16. Improvement in currency selection in entire application. (i.e Currency name display with the code and symbol.)
17. Fixed the calendar view page.
18. Fixed the leads issue for kanban view drag and drop.
19. Fixed the issue in super admin profile page.
20. Fixed the client area logs data and invoice data.

OTA Release V1.1 (22/04/20)

New Features:
1. Added recurring payment for PayPal and Stripe.
2. Added Indonesian language support.
3. Super admin can manually upgrade the package for customers.
4. Super admin can choose the languages for the entire application.

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Fixed account number issue.
2. Fixed the sent mail issue via cron job.
3. Fixed the currency issue in all pdf. (For now Admin user currency settings is applying to all pdf.)
4. Improvement in page title in the entire application.
5. Improvement in new user signup. (i.e. Disable the field when click on submit.) 
6. Improvement in fresh installation.(i.e. Disable the field when click on submit.)
7. Improved UI in some pages.
8. Code optimization to increase speed.
9. Improved data validation.

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