6.1 Purchase Orders


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6.1.1How to manage Purchases?

1. Purchase Orders can be found under Purchases in the main menu.

2. Here all the purchases created are listed. To search a purchase, click on the "Search"(1) icon.

3. By default, all the columns for the table are displayed. To manage the columns to be displayed, click on the "Filter Column"(2) icon.

4. The list of columns will be displayed. Check the columns you want to be displayed. This option will be saved.

5. You can filtern the purchases by clicking on the "Filter"(3) icon.

6.1.2 Create and Edit a Purchase:

1. To create a new purchase click on the "Create Purchase"(4) icon.

2. Enter the details and click on Save.

NOTE: While Creating an Purchase, you can make it Recurring and also change the status to Paid using the toggle bar as shown:

4. You can mail, create PDF, print the purchase by choosing the options shown.

5. To edit or delete the purchase, click on the "More"(5) icon and choose the appropriate option.

6. You can mark the purchase as Draft or as Cancelled.

4.3.1.How to create recurring purchases?

The recurring purchase feature allows the user to create repeated purchases after every recurring period. Every time the CronJob is run, it checks if the recurring period has elapsed, if it has, then a new purchase is created and added to the email queue.

1.  To Create a Purchase, click on the "Create"(7) icon .

2.  Fill in all the details and to make it Recurring, select "Recurring"  using the toggle bar as shown.

Please note in order to make Purchase Recurring for Lifetime, Leave "Ends On" Field Blank.

3. Set the required recurring period. A purchase will be created when you click on the “Tick” button. Every time you run the CronJob, it will check if the recurring period has elapsed after the issue date, if it has elapsed, then another purchase is created and added to the email list.

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