What’s new

OTA Release V2.0 (08/12/21)
Bug Fixes & Improvements:
1. 7.4 PHP compatibility.
2. Form validation.
3. Account status Active.
4. Deposit download button.
5. Deposit date in PDF.
6.Expenses date in PDF.

OTA Release V1.99 (10/07/21) 

Bug Fixes & Improvements: 
1. UTF-8 Encoding support for the Arabic language in Proposal.
2. All URLs changes to lower case. 
3. Staff role update fix. 
4. Fixed staff profile picture change by admin. 
OTA Release V1.98 (25/03/21) 

Bug Fixes & Improvements: 
1. Calendar load fixed. 
2. Currency fixed on Proposal view page. 
3. Product import fixed. 
4. Customer import fixed. 
5. Project task issue fixed.
OTA Release V1.97 (21/05/20)

New Features:
1. Added option for custom header, footer and CSS in Settings.
2. Added option for custom CSS in Online Lead Form.
3. File Manager Functionality added.
4. Using of only lowercase letters in the URL implemented.

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Fixed the modification on Roles only for Administrator in Staff.
2. Mail function using SSL and TLS encryption fixed.
3. Appointment request issue fixed.
4. Improvements and bug fixes in the HR Module.

OTA Release V1.96.1 (21/02/20)

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Fixed the issue with product view page.
2. Fixed the product import & export changes.
3. Fixed the customer import changes.
4. Fixed the issue with XOF & UGX currrency.
5. Fixed the issue with Tickets status change.
6. Introduce unit coulumn in all pdf.
7. Fixed the issue with milestone edit.
8. Fixed the issue with project expense creation. (For now expense amount is added in respected acccount)
9. Fixed the issue with line break in proposal description. (Proposal view, Proposal Pdf , propshare share page)
10. Fixed the issue with invocie creation. (removed warehosue, product type from invoice items list)
11. Fixed the product creating changes.
12. Fixed the issue with warehosue deletion. (For now, user can't delete the warehosue that have a product stock)
13. Fixed the issue with sending proposal mail.
OTA Release V1.96 (18/01/20)

New Features:
1. Introduced a Inventory Management module where you can manage yours products.
2. Introduced a Warehouse module where you can store your product.
3. Introduced a new mail template structure.
4. Introduced a intro guide in client and admin area.
5. Added HR Module.
6. Added Payrolls feature in HR Module
7. Added Payslips feature in HR Module

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Improved the order creation.
2. Improved the product creation.
3. Fixed the date-time format for entire application.
4. Fixed the all console erros.
5. Fixed the sent order records. (For now, user can't update sent order data.)
6. Fixed the issue with XOF Currency.
7. Fixed the appointent issue.
8. Fixed language issue in PDFs.
9. Fixed the issue with Tickets status change.
10. Fixed Email error in client area recover password.
11. Fixed issue with Proposals mobile view.
12. Fixed staff profile view.
13. Fixed hostname validation on installation.

OTA Releas V1.95.1 (17/10/19)

Bugs Fixes and Improvements:
1. Fixed date-time format in whole application.
2. Remove module menu from top.
3. Fixed language conversion of 1.95 changes.
OTA Release V1.95 (13/09/19)

New Features:
1. Added kanban view (Drag and Drop) for Tickets.
2. Added more currencies to the Currency Library.
3. Introduced Mollie Payment Gateway in the Modules tab in settings.
4. Added Kanban view (Drag and Drop) for Task.
5. Introduced a column filter to every list view.
6. Option inside the setting to hide client area button and change the text of button.
7. Introduced a send mail option and upload a file inside a invoice.
9. Introduced timesheets export in report.
10.Introduced a "restore default" button for language in editor.

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Updated Bulgarian Language.
2. Fixed the fresh installation issue. (For now, database should be empty.) 
3. Fixed the 'Milestone' edit.
4. Fixed the staff user notification when assign a task to staff inside from project.
5. Fixed the paid invoice and purchase update (For now, user can't update paid invoice and purchase.)
6. Fixed the date-time format for entire application.
7. Fixed the client area button in mobile view. (For now, user can see client area button in mobile view.)
8. Fixed the ticket creation inside from project.
9. Improved session for User login.
10. Fixed the pdf edit issue via editor.
11. Fixed the corrupted pdf issue when generate a pdf for client. 
12. Fixed the sent mail issue. (For now, sender name is changed after changing it in setting.)  
13. Fixed the Project dead line.

OTA Release V1.94 (27/08/19)

New Features:
1. Added kanban view (Drag and Drop) for leads.
2. Added amount format settings with currency position. (For now, this will affect the PDF's and share pages only (Applied only on default PDF's). To get the changes in your PDF's, restore your pdf's to default using editor.)
3. Now all logs can be seen by expanding the panel logs.
4. Added new email template for appointments.
5. Added Bulgarian Language.
6. Item description's can be added with line breaks.
7. Introduced Modules tab in settings (Some additional app enhancements will be added as modules).

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Fixed Roles issue (Now, only admin role users can create, delete the users).
2. Fixed data loading issues in customer area.
3. Fixed login issue for duplicate users found in database.
4. Added logs for each create, delete, update actions.
5. Fixed staff's grid view pagination issue.
6. Improved todo create button.
7. Fixed language encoding issue for % strings.
8. Fixed database table size errors, caused in some customer servers.
9. Fixed accept button in proposals view after customer's action (Customer area).
OTA Release V1.93 (14/08/19)

New Features:
1. Added option to auto create contact on customer create.
2. Projects can now be viewed in both list and grid view.
3. Project list view column can be filtered(only the selected columns will be displayed).
4. Added Roles function to give more detailed control over staff privileges.

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Accounts total issue fixed.
2. Fixed Projects status graph issue.
3. Staff, Customers, Leads and Vendors cannot be deleted if they are linked somewhere else.
4. Improved Payment gateways.
5. Rearranged Leaf and Top Menu.
6. Fixed Date time format for Menu Task Timer.
7. Improved User Profile side toggle.
8. Improved Error Notifications.
9. Only Admin can change Calendar colors.
10. Fixed language encoding issue.
11. Improved Custom Fields and Baqckup Restore listing.
12. Fixed language not found issue.

OTA Release V1.92 (27/06/19)

New Features:
1. Added projects and tasks into calendar with color-picker.

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Fixed invoices in customer area.
2. Fixed invoices & proposals pdf issue.
3. Improved data listing with device responsive.
4. Improved event create with color-picker.

OTA Release V1.92 (27/06/19)

New Features:
1. Added projects and tasks into calendar with color-picker.

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Fixed invoices in customer area.
2. Fixed invoices & proposals pdf issue.
3. Improved data listing with device responsive.
4. Improved event create with color-picker.
OTA Release V1.9 (27/06/19)

New Features:
1. Added reports export functionality.
2. Now reports can be exported in CSV/PDF format of any area(like invoices, projects etc.)
3. Now screen loader can be changed or disable in settings->customization.

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Fixed privileges issue in staff (Now only admin can edit/create/delete the staff details)
2. Fixed projects view/edit issue, only admin & project member can view the project.
3. Improved app performance & loading time.
4. Fixed customer area issue.
5. Fixed the issue of displaying dates in date-picker.
6. Improved staffs listing page.
7. Fixed left menu issue of displaying tasks without privilege.
8. Fixed the tickets issue.

OTA Release V1.9 (27/06/19)

New Features:
1. Now pdf can be attached with email templates.
2. Added Deposits.
3. Added editor to edit files (Language file, pdf design files, countries data, states data)

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Improved Accounts section.
2. Fixed running timer menu color.
3. Improved menu icons.
4. Fixed daily license check issue.
5. Improved search section with numbers (like invoice number: INV-1).
6. Fixed all sidenav's width.
7. Fixed app loading UI.
OTA Release V1.8 (03/06/19) 

New Features:
1. Introduced Purchasing module.
2. Added purchase payment module.
3. Added document series to all functions (like INV-10001).

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Fixed resposive issue for customers, products, vendors.
2. Improved staff overview page.
3. Fixed panel responsive issue.
4. Fixed merge fields listing for email templates.
5. Fixed the translation issue in the staff work details.
6. Added dynamic file upload for customers and products import.
7. Staff and previliges merged together in one step.
8. Fixed date format.
OTA Release V1.7 (22/05/19) 

New Features:

1. Introduced Vendors with group.
2. Improved Application Security.
3. Added dynamic page loading for invoices and products.
4. Task Timer: Now you can run multiple task timers.
5. Added Customer groups.
6. Added dropdown list of states.

Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Added dynamic file upload for tasks, tickets in customer area and profile change. 
2. Imroved tickets in Customer area.
3. Improved OTA update feature.
4. Improved order pdf.
5. Fixed orders prefix issue.

OTA Release V1.6.2 (15/05/19) 
Bug fixes & Improvements:
1. Codeignitor Lig updated to 3.1.10 stable branch. 
2. AngularJS Lib Updated to 1.7.8 stable branch.
3. Currency & countries data moved from db to JSON file for better compatability with encoding.
4. Fixed events issue (reported by customer).
5. Fixed leads listing issue.
6. Now category/department cannot be deleted, if used somewhere.
7. Added angular file uploader to upload files without refreshing page.
8. Introduced timezone in user profile.
9. Updated quote request email template body.
10. Fixed internal recurring error.

OTA Update ( Version 1.6 ) (12/04/19) 

New Features: 

1. Web leads: Now with custom fields and a new layout column.

2. Project: Now you can create proposals inside of project.

3. Project: Project report can be generated in pdf now.

4. Customer Area: Clients can request for a quote + 2 email templates added.

5. Proposals: Staff can convert quote to proposal.

6. Emails: Sent emails can be deleted from email activities.

7. App Update: OTA updates now shows in notification.

Bug fixes & Improvements: 

8. Task Timer: delete option added with better design for multi tasks (Future).

9. PDF converter: Fixed PDF issue for PHP 7.3

10. Notifications: Added mark notifications as read.

11. Integer length increased from 11 to 20.

12. Online Leads form layout improved

OTA Update ( Version 1.5.3 ) (29/03/19) 

New Features: 

1. Added a new section in settings to run custom SQL queries.

Bug fixes & Improvements: 

2. Fixed email issue of peer certificate match.

3. Added mandatory fields for leads, proposal and invoices.

4. Fixed invoice recurring issue on invoice update.

5. Added encryption for your smtp password.

6. Added email sender name field in email settings.

7. Fixed Stripe and Paypal payment gateway issue as reported by customer.

8. Fixed timesheet update issue.

9. Added send password change email for customer contact.

10. Removed mcrypt dependecy from the application (please report issue, if found).

11. Improved Spanish translation (Contributed by Victor Hernandez).

12. Improved app installation section with all required extensions.

13. Application technical details can be seen from settings.

OTA Update ( Version 1.5.2 ) (22/03/19)

New Features: 

1. Added separate section for managing timesheets with privileges.

2. Added New fields for custom css and custom script in header and footer.

3. Added a new email template for orders.

Bug fixes & Improvements: 

4. Fixed email sending issue from orders.

OTA Update ( Version 1.5.1 ) (20/03/19) 

Changelog (20/03/19)

New Features:

1. Added rebranding customization.

2. Financial docs prefix added.

3. Changing the status of project can be done from projects listing.

4. Now customer will be able to add notes in project.

5. Now customer will be able to upload the files in project.

6. Added 2 new email templates for projects.

7. Added edit and delete functionality for notes in project.

Bug fixes & Improvements:

8. Added project_description field for project email templates.

9. Fixed project responsiveness as reported by user.

11. Important fields made mandatory project, staff, customer.

12. Fixed duplication of adding people in project.

13. Uploaded files can be previewed in projects.

14. Fixed OTA update script error.

15. Fixed OTA update cache data issue.

16. Fixed voice notification issue issue.

OTA Update ( Version 1.5 ) (13/03/19) 

Changelog (12/03/19)

New Features:

1. Added new payment gateways(CCAvenue, PayUmoney, Stripe, Razorpay).

2. Added Italian language.


3. Added default payment method for Customer

4. default payment method for Invoice.

5. Added payments details in invoice pdf.

Codecanyon update ( Version 1.3 ) (26/02/19) 

Changelog (26/02/19)

New Features:

1. Added a new role: Tax consultant.

2. New Expense listing layout (Documentation).

3. Added recurring expenses (Documentation).

4. Added receipt upload in expenses

5. Added PDF print for expenses.

6. Added Email templates for internal/external expenses.

7. Language selection now possible on logon.

8. Introduced a new dashboard for tax consultant.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

9. Now you can select different logo for nav and pdf's in settings.

10. Now staff has access to change his password and profile image.

11. Improved notifications and logs listing in staff.

12. Minor menu link fixed.

13. Improved proposal email template.

14. Language changing is now instant.

Codecanyon( Version 1.3 ) 15/02/2019

Changelog (15/02/19)

New Features:

1. Added Online Web Leads

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

1. Fixed invoice recurring issue

2. Translations improvements (From hard coded to lang file).

3. Improved version display.

OTA Update( Version 1.2.2 ) 12/02/2019

Changelog (12/02/19)

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

1. Fixed notifications redirecting issue in customer/client area.

2. Fixed invoice recurring issue.

3. Added invoice recurring email template.

4. Added lead submission email template.

5. Fixed proposal comment mandatory in customer/client area.

OTA Update( Version 1.2.1 ) 06/02/2019

Changelog (06/02/19)

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

1. Responsive menu list items updated (calendar, email templates, reports etc.).

2. Fixed responsive menu list issue in customer area.

Codecanyon( Version 1.2 ) 04/02/2019

Changelog (04/02/19)

New Features:

1. Added application files debug functionality.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

2. Improved login and forgot password pages.

3. Improved security in customer area for tickets and projects.

4. Fixed bugs from last release (Custom fields).

5. Fixed reminder delete button issue from customer and leads.

6. 2 email templates added for customer area.

OTA Update( Version ) 30/01/2019

Changelog (30/01/19)

New Features:

1. Now you will be able to see all sent emails.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

2. Fixed bugs from release 1.1.9.

3. Fixed customers contact update issue.

OTA Update( Version 1.1.9 ) 28/01/2019

New Features:

1. Email Templates:Now you will be able to customize all notification emails from the app.

(You need to Enable the role email authorization of the admin profile to enable this new menu item)

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

2. Fixed customer contacts listing issue.

3. Menu tablet view responsiveness.

4. Partial Brazilian(Portuguese_BR) language translation update.

5. Improved Todo view with mandatory.

6. Fixed milestone edit and delete button issue.

OTA Update( Version 1.1.8 ) 14/01/2019

New Features:

1. Clock-in timer: Added clock-in clock-out in main menu for tasks

2. Tickets in projects: Admin/user can create tickets from inside of projects

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

4.Task timer improved.

5. Menu spacing responsive issue fixed.

6. Added list view in tickets.

OTA Update( Version 1.1.7 ) 07/01/2019

Changelog (07/01/19) 

New Features:

1. Reports Overview, First iteration of reports, We will improve it in future releases.

2. Project Templates: You can now create templates and then duplicate them to manage Projects.

3. Global Search: First version of universal search, Helps immensely with getting to your data.

Codecanyon Update( Version 1.1.6 ) 25/12/2018

Changelog (25/12/18) 

New Features:

1. Import/Export for Customers, Leads, Products. 

2. Backups/Restore for Database.

Bug Fixes

3. Projects Upload file issue.

4. OTA version check skip bug.


5. French Language file update(

OTA Update( Version 1.1.5 ) 15/12/2018

Changelog (15/12/18) 

Project Management Enhancement:

  1. Added project services : Now you can add services in project by selecting product by categories.
  2. Expenses popup: Now you can view expense details in the same screen itself in popup.
  3. Invoice Convert: Now you will have two options to convert the project into invoice.
  4. Convert into invoice with project value and services items with quantity (Invoice total will be project value).
  5. Convert into invoice with services value(Invoice total will be calculated by services amount).

Product / Service Enhancement:

  1. Added product categories(with pie chart) :Now you can add categories and assign these categories in products.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed project pinned/unpinned issue.
  2. Fixed project mandatory fields for create/update project.
  3. Fixed product mandatory fields for create/update product.
  4. Fixed mandatory fields for create/update in expenses, task, milestones, upload file and add people.
  5.  Fixed language issues for customers calendar(RU).

OTA Update( Version Veritas ) 11/28/2018

Changelog </b>(28/11/18) 

  1. Improvements: Email sending Button.
  2. Fix: Mobile view Projects.
  3. Improvements: Dashboard clock responsive.
  4. Improvements: Staff admin toggle.
  5. Fix: Calendar event delete.

In This Update ( Version 1.1.4 Veritas (Extended Update) ) 11/25/2018
Some bug fixes and Feature Updates


Attention: This update we have introduced remote update, this will allow you to update the application from inside. We might see some issues initially with this function but it will help us in the future to release updates more quickly.

  1. fixed: custom fields update functions, caused PHP dumps.
  2. fixed: a bug inside of projects for tasks.
  3. fixed: password login issue
  4. fixed: we now allow to post payments dated in the past.  
  5. Added: E-mail test button.
  6. Added: Capability to remote update files and db directly from our server.(Beta function)

In This Update ( Version 1.1.3 Veritas (Major Update) ) 11/14/2018
Some bug fixes and Feature Updates


Attention: This update is not including migration file, We are sorry for this, please take database backup before you replace with this version.

  1. Added custom fields features.
  2. Added Lead Kanban board.
  3. Fixed e-mail issue.
  4. Fixed bugs and layout issues.
  5. Imroved UI.
  6. Improved UX.
  7. Added Ordering system (Beta);

In This Update ( Version 1.1.2 Vici (Major Update) 06/28/2018
Attention: This update is not including the migration file, please wait next update for migration tool.

  1. Changed UI.
  2. Changed Vertical Menu.
  3. Changed Profile Design.
  4. Improved Material Views.
  5. Fixed PDF Issue.
  6. Fixed dashboard zero issue.
  7. Added Quick Transfer between accounts.
  8. Added Authorize.net Payment Gateway.
  9. Added Appointments.
  10. Added Google Calendar Integration Option.
  11. Changed E-mail Class.
  12. Added Staff Work plan for appointments.
  13. Changed area dashboard design.
  14. Added roles for contacts.
  15. Database structures changes.
  16. Added onsite visits.
  17. Added billing and shipping address for invoices and customer.
  18. Added discussions for invoices.
  19. Added tags for leads.

In This Update ( Version 1.1.1 Vidi ) 02/21/2018

  1. Database structures changes.
  2. Added recurring invoices.
  3. Added appointments.

Version 1.1.0 (Released 01/25/2018)


  • Added staff based privileges.
  • Database structures changes.
  • Fixed customer area ticket issue.
  • Added Google 2-Step Verification
  • Expenses category issue fixed.
  • Added permissions table in database.
  • Menu translation issue is fixed.

Version 1.0.9 (Released 01/1/2018)


  • Added staff based privileges.
  • Added delete converted leads button.
  • Calendar UI Changed.

Version 1.0.8 (Released 12/23/2017)


  • Database structures changes.
  • UI Changed And Improved.
  • Re-designed customer area.
  • Re-designed lead area.
  • Ticket Area Re-designed.
  • Added French Language.
  • Added Portuguese PT Language.
  • Added Spanish Language.
  • Invoicing and proposal system changed.

Version 1.0.7 (Released 11/23/2017)


  • Database structures changes.
  • Added Project Management
  • Added Task Manager.
  • Front-end updated with AngularJS.
  • Added Local API System
  • Ticket Area Re-designed.
  • Added French Language.
  • Added Portuguese PT Language.
  • Added Spanish Language.
  • Re-designed customer area.
  • Re-designed lead area.
  • PHP SQL variables are removed.
  • Many php foreach are removed
  • Notes re-designed.
  • Codeigniter updated.
  • Top navbar changed you can customize it on mysql.
  • Added Angular MaterialUI Support.
  • Added Milestones for project.
  • Added expenses for project.
  • Added timesheets for tasks.

Version 1.0.6 (Released 10/23/2017)


  • Database structures changes.
  • Added proposals.
  • Added voice notifications.
  • Added reminders.
  • Added notes.
  • Re-designed customer area.
  • Re-designed staff screen.
  • Lead modals removed.
  • Added lead detail.
  • Added reminders in sidebar.
  • Added default timezone.
  • Removed scrollbar.
  • Re-designed customer detail page.
  • CI Upgraded PHP version 7.1

Version 1.0.5 (Released 09/23/2017)


  • Re-designed customer area.
  • Added reminders for leads.
  • Added lead import from csv.
  • Fixed invoices discount issue.

Version 1.0.4 (Released 09/21/2017)


  • Added Português do Brasil language.
  • Added notes for customers.
  • Added notes for leads.
  • Added currency add button in settings.
  • Added language add button in settings.
  • Improved invoices.
  • Added PayPal Gateway.
  • Fixed lead show add issue.
  • Fixed product edit issue

Version 1.0.3 (Released  09/20/2017)


  • Several Bug Fixes
  • Added lead management.
  • Re-designed staff home screen.
  • Added staff role.

Version 1.0.2 (Released  08/20/2017)


  • Top navbar screen resolution placement issue fixed.
  • Money numeral and currency symbol issue fixed.

Version 1.0.1 (Released  08/10/2017)


  • Added russian language.
  • Added turkish language.

Version 1.0 (Initial Release)

Ciuis CRM Version 1.0.0 released.