5.1 Warehouse


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5.1.1 Create Warehouse Location

1. Inventory can be found under "Sales" in the main menu.


2. The "Inventory Warehouse" you can find on the right side. Go for the "Settings"(1) icon. 

3. It will take you to the warehouse page.

  • To search click on the "Search"(2) icon.
  • To filter the column click on the "Filter columns"(3) icon.

4. To add a new warehouse click on the "Add"(4) icon.

5. A new dialog box will be opened. Add the warehouse details and click on "Add".

6. Your new warehouse will be displayed along with the already existing warehouse.

 7. To see details of the warehouse click on the warehouse you want to be displayed.

8. You can "Edit"(5) or "Delete"(6) the warehouse. 

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