10.4.1 Leads What is "Leades":

:1. Your "Leads" option can be found by clicking on "Leads" in the main menu.

2. "Leads" is managing your contacts via a contact/trial form on your main products page. Managing your Leads:

1. To manage your leads, you have to following options

2. By clicking the "magnifier" icon, your can search for a specific contact.

3. By clicking the "gear" icon, you can change settings recarding all categories of your leads tab and your sources where you acquire your leads/contacts from

4. By clicking on the 3rd and 4th icon, you can sort and filter your leads

5. By clicking "plus" icon, you can add a new lead manually

6. By clicking the last "burger menu" icon, you can import/export your lead contacts, as well as deleting them.

10.4.2 To-Do List Using the to do list:

1. Your to-do list can be found by clicking on the "clip board" icon.

2. You can name your task and save it by clicking the "arrow" icon. The created task will show the date when the task was created (here shown as "Just Now")

3. Your task will show up under "NEW" category. You can delete your task by clicking the "bin" icon or mark it as done by clicking the "check mark" icon.

4. All completed task will show up under "DONE" category. You can move the task from "DONE" to "NEW" by clicking the "circle" icon.